LDA competition results

1) sbCliMate® (SBOING)
The sbCliMate® is a navigation application with environmental map info-layers. The sbCliMate® application aims to extend the functionality and usefulness of the sbNavi™ GPS navigator, by providing it with additional information, structured in layers, called “info-layers”. Historical, current and predicted data can be projected over the regular sbNavi™ map, allowing for routing around hazardous areas. Three-day, hourly data sets are presented in 3 color palettes for 6 info-layers: temperature, ozone levels, atmospheric pollution (indices PM10μm and PM2.5μm), UV levels and fire zones for the area of Attica, Greece. The application is user configurable and extensible to more data sources and to global (world) coverage.
The application consists of the full featured SBOING GPS navigator (sbNavi™) augmented with the extra info-layers of sbCliMate®. Its features include:
-    Six (6) info-layers: temperature, ozone levels, atmospheric pollution for large and small particles (indices: PM10 and PM2.5), UV levels and fire zones.
-    Data input either from the online feed (current data and projections), or from files (historical data).
-    The appearance of any one of the CliMate info-layers may be enabled at any time and it is overlaid on top of the SBOING map.
-    The CliMate info-layers are show in full 3D, with full pan-zoom-rotate functionality.
-    For each CliMate info-layer, the user may select any of 72 data sets (one per hour, for 3 days depth, past data and future predictions)
-    The data is displayed using 3 color palettes: “hot”, “intensity” and ‘rainbow”, customizable via configuration settings
-    A legend is displayed on the map, indicating the minimum and maximum of the displayed values, the full color range and the acceptable limits per info-layer.
-    The transparency of the info-layer is user-definable via the Settings page.
-    The info-layer definition and structure is parametric, so that additional info-layers may be easily added in the future.
-    Refresh capability of the data is provided at will.
-    Ability to bypass fire zones or other health-risk zone by appropriate route changing
The application makes direct and full use of the Earth Observation datasets provided by the National Observatory of Athens (NoA) - LDA partner- and in particular data about temperature, ozone levels, atmospheric pollution (indices PM10 and PM2.5), UV levels and fire zones for the area of Attica, Greece.
These additional info-layers will provide an added-value component to the SBOING maps and navigation functionality, which is considered very informative and useful for users. This addition is also expected to increase the attractiveness of SBOING’s navigator with respect to the competition, and increase its penetration in targeted markets.
The demo will be distributed as a signed binary for iOS and after June 2014 it can also be added to the Android version of SBOING’s GPS navigator.
The target group of the application is:
-    People sensitive to environmental and climatic issues
-    Drivers and driving professionals
-    Tourists
-    Citizens with health sensitivity to UV, atmospheric pollution and temperatures
-    Families with elderly people and children
-    News agencies and Media (TV, radio, press, blogs, etc.)

2) WFM – WorkForce Manager (Telenavis)
WorkForce Manager, targets to companies and organizations that have groups of mobile workers. There is a web based application that helps the “Organizer” to create efficient routes and assign jobs to the workers, monitor the jobs in real time in the map, and reroute if needed.
The mobile application is giving to the workers their schedule for visiting points, in a map, routing for their next visit, information about potential events and hazards. The scope of the application is to increase efficiency of the mobile working force, reduce total kilometers and so reduce CO2 emissions and traffic jams, improve safety and accountability.
The features of the application include:
-    Secure login
-    Selection of route and job list
-    Exchange of messages with headquarters
-    Proof of visit and job status feedback
-    Routing instructions to next visit
-    Display of alerts regarding traffic incidents or fires.
The application is using location and positioning system in many different ways. The “organizer” is using it for geo-coding, assigning jobs in the map, and monitoring the location of the work force. The mobile users of TWM are using the application to find next visit--‐job on the map, of for traffic and incident information to avoid delays on their route. Fire alerts provided by live Earth Observation datasets give an extra valuable set of information to the user.
WorkForce Manager is a B2B application for companies with employees that perform field work in different sectors such as logistics, food and beverage, retailers, couriers, Service companies, deliveries, construction etc.

3) Rel8 (Cytech)
Rel8 is a Context-Aware, personalized recommendation platform. It is the next generation in smart communication creating a unique experience for each user. It produces different output like messages, push notifications, sms, mobile coupons etc. based on the user preferences and the context.  The context can be many different things like the weather, the season, the time or the location.
Rel8 provides an API to mobile applications or other software communicate with it and get this information in different formats. It also incorporates a powerful rules engine giving the administrator the ability to offer different content to different users in a different context. Within the LDA project Rel8 will take advantage of the weather and environmental data provided by the project and offer recommendation in the form of push notifications to mobile apps based on the context created by the data above. It will provide a REST API making developers life easier by taking advantage of its power. In the next step it will also provide a full featured SDK for the major mobile platforms, iOS and Android. Rel8 uses atmospheric and weather data.
The first version of the cloud-hosted platform includes the following features:
-    Push notification engine
-    Decision based on weather and environmental data
-    Sophisticated Rules Engine
-    API to communicate with the mobile apps
Rel8 takes advantage of the temperature, UV and solar radiation, both current values and forecast. This way Cytech incorporates the Context to its platform constituting one of the competitive advantages of the company against other recommendation systems. 
The target group of Rel8 app is all those companies that have already recognized the necessity of a mobile application for their business and they are not satisfied with just communicating with their audience in a generic non-personalized way. Rel8 app potentially targets all the companies who have or will have a mobile application and want to communicate with their audience based on their personal preferences and the context.

4) vidAIR (vid(avo) Asthma Intelligent Recovery)) (VIDAVO)
vidAIR is an alert services application for asthma, allergies or any other pulmonary conditions which are mostly based on generic readings of temperature and humidity. Asthma is the most common childhood disease. In the US it results, 100 million missed school days and 18 million annual emergency room visits. Europe and Attica region do not fall behind in statistics. The asthma is strong dependency on climatological conditions and pollution metrics. In the era of mobility where adults and children along move about freely either with means of public transport or by private means to address the various aspects of their ever increasingly complex life, so pertinent to the Attica peninsula amplified by very localized increase in pollutants can have devastating effects on asthmatic crises leading even to hospitalization.
vidAIR is a mobile phone application that will generate alerts for the user (child) when he/she is in areas of high pollen count, increased pollutants or when he/she is entering other high risk areas that have triggered asthma attacks in similar patients. The application will have a built in guidelines interface that will provide adequate counseling to the child receiving the alert as to how to optimally confront the situation till he/she reaches safe grounds. Similar alerts will be also sent to the child’s parents or even physicians.
vidAIR use the Copernicus atmosphere monitoring service that provides continuous data and information on atmospheric composition. vidAIR requires on line data as well as guaranteed availability over the geographical area intended for piloting. Other non-space data that will be required are temperature readings, humidity, atmospheric assessments of O3, CO2.
The intended users belong to two main categories: the patients themselves or their provisors (mostly when the patient of who they are in charge is either a child or an elderly quite close to disabled person). As the main outcome of the application is a notification on potential trajectories according to a profile, the end user is the one who a) makes the decision b) implements it as well. Children of a very early age grow up to be very adept to new technologies hence the user category patients does not in any case exclude them or has a set age limit. As long as a child can operate a mobile phone, then the application is very easy to follow. 
The application development will be based on Android OS.  A database will also be created based on the feedback received from the users that will help them follow up their personal condition against climatological and pollution changes.

5) Estate4Real (Mobics)
Estate4Real is an innovative Real Estate mobile application that tries to find the best options for a user interested in renting or buying a home, in a personalized manner and by taking into account the quality of the local environment and the available facilities in the surroundings. The motto of the app is “Find a home, not just a house”.
The objectives of the application are to:
-    provide objective information about the natural environment through satellite data
-    match user preferences to offered properties
-    quantify how easy it is to live in a specific district in terms of private or public transportation and accessibility to the city center
-    be able to answer questions like:
-    How “walkable” is the area?
-    Is the quality of air good?
-    How green is the area?
-    Are there any super markets, pharmacies, police departments etc. nearby?
The main features of the application include the following:
-    Property information is entered in the system using a regular web interface that is provided as a service to owners and real estate brokers
-    Upon inserting a property to the system, there is a number of quantifiable parameters that are calculated and assigned to it, seamlessly to the owner
-    The end user of the mobile application may answer to a few questions regarding her preferences, so that the application is able to operate in a personalized manner
-    The user may view interesting information that aids her in evaluating a given property, through its surroundings.
-    Apart from the specifications of the property itself, as given by the owner or the real estate broker, the user has access to information regarding the surrounding points of interest (e.g., super markets, health services, banks etc), the overall quality of the public transport services, as well as detailed reports on the transportation lines that are accessible within walking distance from the building
-    The user may also view natural environment information and indices that quantify the “greenness” or overall “environmental quality” for a given district or municipality.
-    The user has also direct access to contact information, in order to reach the owner or the real estate broker
-    The user may easily search for properties using various filters
-    The user has a favorites list where she can add interesting properties
Typical real estate applications only provide information about the properties’ characteristics and neglect the quality of the area they are located. In this application, we obtain such information from GMES products, namely urban green (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), land use and surface temperature. The information is used in order to assess the quality of factors that affect everyday life in an area. Moreover, if the application is to be used for property purchase, such factors may affect the decision for such investments.
GNSS data (user location as obtained from GPS) is used in conjunction with personalization filters so that a user that is looking for a property can quickly get property offerings for his current position based on the property’s features or facilities in the surroundings (e.g., police departments, parks, super markets).
The mobile application is targeting to people that are in search of a house for renting or buying and are interested in both the house and the surrounding area. The profile of the users is that of a smart phone user of any age and education level. Moreover, investors in real estate will be another target group. The users providing the property information are real estate offices and professionals, which will pay a fee for access to the service. They are already familiar with Web-based real estate portals and they will not have any difficulty in using the application. In fact, much of the information calculated automatically by the application is currently performed manually by them, so the application will provide also a tool for them, apart from an advertising media.

6) Deltio Kairou (ATCOM)
Deltio Kairou is the implementation of a personalized weather application for mobile users that will take under consideration the user profile and past data to provide weather and environmental information pertinent to the user's safety and transportation needs.
The application will include weather forecasting as well as alerts and notifications for the prevention of harm from environmental related threats, while at the same time will act to collect statistical data about its users. The advantage of the application is that weather applications tend to be “generic” just stating the weather data and ignoring user specific issues such as health problems or user locations (home and work). There are applications that do have the data but there is no way to have all information in one screen. e.g if the user lives in Location A and works in Location B, he/she has to view conditions for Location A and then change location to view weather conditions for Location B. Furthermore if he or she is prone to Arthritis pain, he/she has to visit another screen to view information pertinent to his problem (in terms of risk).
The benefit and improvement to existing solutions is that if the user has recorded in his/her profile all relevant personal data, the application will produce all pertinent information in one or two screen, providing thus fast updates. This functionality can be complemented, in the Professional version with alerts for extreme conditions and high i.e. health risk. Emergency and safety alerts can also be produced in case of extremely hostile weather conditions for user locations or for example, marine and air travel.
The system will make use of specific services of Copernicus such as marine and atmosphere monitoring and emergency management. The proposed application will be employing GMES services in order to promote civilian health and safety by evaluating environmental dangers and issuing warnings as well as suggestions and directions in the event of hostile environmental circumstances, natural disasters and emergency situations. GMES atmosphere monitoring, marine monitoring and emergency management are the main services that can provide the necessary data to achieve that, which are the core value creation features of the system.
The target group of the application is the general public as well as specific user groups such as the frequently travelling, those in professions with significant exposure or increased sensitivity to weather/environmental factors as well as those with common health issues that tend to be influenced by weather conditions (asthma & allergies, arthritis, heart conditions, migraine-prone, etc). Moreover the application is gathering statistical data about the usage of the application that can contribute in building a corpus of data around the use of environmentally sensitive applications gaining us insights into future development directions of the field. Finally, a third aspect of the nature of the application is its potential to increase public safety and the quality of life of the individual. The features to be offered can make markedly easier to plan ahead a safe journey, remaining protected by unfavorable environmental conditions and man-made or natural threats.

7) RealTraffic (Geodynamis)
Real Traffic, is a mobile application that offers information for current status of the road network of Attika and Thessaloniki greater areas. Real Traffic’s purpose of GRT is to inform in realtime the drivers about the current traffic status of Attika and Thessaloniki road network, about scheduled and urgent incidents like public works, strikes and fires.
This application provides the driver with all the information needed, about warnings for the road network conditions, not only in Attica (as it was first targeted) but in Thessaloniki as well. It utilizes GNSS technology both for calculating the conditions as well as the position of the user.
GRT offers:
-    Map of traffic flow
-    List of traffic status per main roads
-    Map and list of traffic incidents
-    Map and list of alerts regarding strikes, accidents and fires
-    Social sharing
GRT utilizes information provided by GMES/GNSS for calculating traffic conditions, the position of the users and informs them instantly for forest fires from information retrieved from GMES services. Since Real Traffic is GNSS enabled, GNSS derived data builds the complete picture of the incidents presented in the application when combined with GMES services.
The target group of the Real traffic application is citizens driving in Attika and Thessaloniki areas and they are concerned about traffic events, fire alerts and urgent incidents like public works and strikes.

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