The LDA competition

The LDA Competition aims to encourage the development of innovative mobile services based on GMES and GNSS that will address specific societal challenges and facilitate the emergence of new industries in the Region of Attica, Greece. Participants in the LDA competition will have the opportunity to build up new applications/services for the mobile market. The areas of interest include: 

  • Location based services used in a variety of contexts, such as health, smart transport, emergency response, rescue and safety, indoor object search, sport/entertainment, work, personal life, etc. 
  • Health related services based on UV index and specific aerosol properties. 
  • Continuous society awareness for natural environmental/weather phenomena and their societal impacts resulted from volcanic emissions, earthquakes, high ozone and UV radiation levels, etc. 
  • Services to identify the location of a person or object, such as discovering points of interest or the whereabouts of a friend or employee 
  • Parcel tracking and vehicle rerouting services according to environmental and extreme weather conditions 
  • Mobile commerce when taking the form of coupons or advertising directed at customers based on their current location. 
  • Personalized weather services 
  • Location-based games

The terms for the competition can be found here

Examples for innovative solutions for business and society based on:

A.      Earth Observation Data can be found here
B.      Satellite Navigation data can be found here

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